It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts when it comes to homes. The outside is just as important in creating a place that you love to live. So we’ve made a list of a few things you may want to look out for as you work on your home’s exterior.


When planning a landscaping job in a dry part of the country, select aspects that need a minimum of watering. Many locations impose strict water limitations, that makes it hard to keep a rich, green yard. Select natural components like rocks, artificial yard, succulents or perhaps ornamental pebbles or concrete. Weter locations allow for more grenery. Bushes and flowers make a pretty good addition to any yard, but they will have a little more maintainence than their artificial counterparts. Keep bushes and trees far enough far from the edge of your house. Roots might grow through the foundation and trigger leakages, so move plants that are close to your house to a location that is further away. A tree can be transplanted with the attached root ball if it is small enough.


Trim on a home can add a great deal of appeal as well. They can frame the more pleasant parts of your house like doorways and windows, and draw attention away from things you may not like as much. Having good raingutters falls into this as well. In addition to performing it’s duty guttering rain off the roof, it can be used as a great way to frame the top part of your house to make your roof look better as well.


Anything made of wood should be sealed to keep it lasting a long time. Wood that isn’t sealed or that is sealed improperly will quickly deteriorate. This goes for things like decks and fences, both of which can be a pain to replace if the wood starts to rot. If the wood is painted, keep in mind that the paint will likely chip and discolor due to the weather, so either prepare yourself to maintain it every so often or work out another solution like staining.